A home builder often offers a warranty that usually lasts for 12 months. As the homeowner, the warranty gives you the peace of mind that your new home is covered should issues arise. To get the most out of your warranty, order an 11th-month inspection, also called a builder’s warranty inspection, before your home warranty expires.

Having an 11th-Month Inspection Now Will Save You Money Later

You have already invested money in building a home for your family. Order an 11th-month inspection to learn if your new home has any problems. Hire a professional home inspector to check for defects in your home before the warranty expires. If any defects are found, you can potentially save thousands of dollars by having the builder fix items that are covered by the warranty.

Some Defects May Not Appear Immediately

Even a newly constructed house can have flaws. Hidden defects that exist will cause problems later. Issues with poor drainage can lead to structural erosion or foundation concerns. Maybe the roofing contractor hired inexperienced help and the shingles weren’t properly installed. Problems like this will become worse over time. Hiring a home inspector to assess the condition of your new property will alert you to any defects that can be claimed under your warranty.

Be Better Prepared if You Decide to Sell the Home by Having an 11th-Month Inspection

You may plan to live in your new home for the rest of your life or you may plan to sell it when your kids leave home. When you order an 11th-month inspection, you are setting the stage for an easier sale later. Avoid the stress of learning about problems during a buyer’s inspection that began with the original construction. A warranty inspection examines materials and workmanship and identifies defects that can be repaired under the builder’s warranty to reduce hassle later.

Order a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month. This is the last chance for you to ask the builder to remedy issues that are discovered. Once the one-year warranty has expired, responsibility for repairs shifts from the builder to the homeowner.

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