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5 Tips For Improving Home Security

Improving Home Security with These Simple Techniques If you are like most homeowners, improving home security is a big priority. With a little bit of effort and strategic planning, you can deter criminals from targeting your home for a burglary. Consider these 5 tips...

5 Easy Tips for Reducing Humidity in Your Home

Reducing Humidity in Your Home With These Simple Techniques Here in the South, as temperatures rise, so do humidity levels. Nobody wants to spend time outdoors when the weather is humid, but humidity can also affect the inside of your home if you're not careful. Once...

Tips for Preventing Wind Damage To Your Property

Every year, Floridians brace for hurricane season. In many cases, building experience wind damage that costs thousands of dollars in repairs. By taking some steps to prepare your home, you have a better chance at preventing wind damage to your property. Cover All...

Six Ways to Cut Energy Costs in the Summer

Cut Energy Costs in the Summer With These Tips Summer is full of fun activities and warm weather, and with the hotter temperatures comes a higher utility bill. Keeping cool costs money, and if you're not energy conscious, your electric bill may spike over these warmer...

Weed Control in 6 Easy Steps

Even the most beautiful home won't attract any attention if it's surrounded by a field of weeds. Weeds can easily get out of hand and make your yard look messy and unkempt. Follow these easy steps for weed control throughout the warm months. Figure Out What You're Up...

How First-Time Home Buyers Can Use Technology to Their Advantage

First-Time Home Buyers Tech Tips First-time home buyers need a lot of help to get through the process of looking for, finding, and then closing on a home. Buying a home is a great accomplishment but also represents a significant investment. This means that no one...

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