Cut Energy Costs in the Summer With These Tips

Summer is full of fun activities and warm weather, and with the hotter temperatures comes a higher utility bill. Keeping cool costs money, and if you’re not energy conscious, your electric bill may spike over these warmer months. Use these six ways to cut energy costs in the summer to ease your financial burden and reduce overall energy consumption.

1. Turn Up the Thermostat

Walking into an ice cold room after being outside on a hot day is appealing, but the costs to keep that room that cold might surprise you. For every degree you keep your thermostat below 72 degrees, you’re using three percent more energy. Setting your thermostat to 68, for example, uses 12 percent more energy than 72. Every degree matters! Aim to keep it at 78 degrees if possible, and don’t waste money cooling your house if you’re not home. Use an automatic thermostat to regulate temperature when you’re away.

2. Use Fans to Supplement the AC

Fans use less energy than air conditioning and circulate air to keep your environment cool. Use ceiling fans if you have them (set to rotate counterclockwise), or purchase standing or in-window fans to cool things down while keeping your costs low. Fans also serve as an excellent source of white noise if you’re a person who needs background noise, especially at night.

3. Keep the Sun Out

Draw your blinds or heavy drapes during the day when the sun is shining bright. You’ll keep the warm air out and cool air in. Wait until it starts to cool down before opening windows and shades. Trees, shrubs, and vines can help keep warm air out of your house too if they’re well-placed. This is a low-cost method to cut energy costs in the summer with a great return.

4. Efficient Lighting

For a minimal cost, you can upgrade your old energy-inefficient bulbs with LED lights. They use significantly less electric, don’t produce nearly the same amount of heat, and last longer than both incandescent and CFL bulbs. The initial expense is well worth it for an investment that pays for itself again and again.

5. Avoid the Oven and Stove

Using a stove or oven during the summer months causes the temperature in your kitchen to skyrocket and become uncomfortable. On really warm days, consider using a crockpot, microwave, or cook outside on the grill to avoid increasing the temperature indoors by up to ten degrees. Invite some friends over and make a day of it, followed by an evening of good company.

6. Use Cold Water

Heating water to use in the dishwasher or washing machine is where most of the appliance’s energy use comes from. Use cold water when possible to cut costs, especially for light loads. Hang your clothes to dry on a clothesline during warm weather to skip running the dryer. Let your dishes air dry after the dishwasher runs to save even more.

Making some or all of these changes are excellent ways to cut energy costs in the summer. Your fun-filled season with friends and family doesn’t need to come with a pricey electric bill. Implementing these tips can put more money in your pocket to enjoy this year.

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