If you are in the market for homeowners insurance, you may be required to order a four-point inspection before you get coverage. Read on to learn more about why a four-point home inspection is sometimes required and what this type of inspection covers.

What is Included in a Four-Point Inspection?

Insurance companies often request a four-point inspection of older homes. This type of inspection assesses the condition of four key components of the structure:

  • Roof:
    A roof protects the home from the sun, rain, and other natural elements. If the roof is in poor condition, it’s more likely to leak or have problems after a storm. The inspector assesses the condition and age of the roof. Many insurance companies will not provide coverage if the roof is over 30 years old.
  • Electrical system:
    An inspector will check the electrical panels, inside and out. He or she will also check for the type of wiring used in the structure and look for signs of bad wiring. Faulty electrical systems put a home at risk for a house fire.
  • Plumbing:
    Old pipes and drains can cause water damage if they start leaking. The inspector will assess the age and condition of the pipes and look for signs of leaking or deterioration. Old, corroded pipes are more likely to burst and cause flooding and water damage to the property.
  • HVAC:
    The home’s heating and cooling systems need to be in good working order. The inspector will check each system and note any issues. Older HVAC systems or those in disrepair can be a source of water leaks, electrical shorts, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Four-Point Inspection or a Complete Home Inspection

While a regular home inspection inspects a comprehensive list of components, a four-point inspection only focuses on these four areas. An insurance company needs to confirm that these systems are in good working order. If one or more of those components doesn’t pass inspection, the insurance company can refuse coverage.

If you are buying a home and your insurance company requires a four-point inspection first, consider upgrading to a complete home inspection instead. A buyer’s home inspection will provide more comprehensive information about the property you are purchasing.

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