If you are tired of dealing with a cluttered garage, you are not alone. When your garage is disorganized and cluttered, you might not be able to find things as quickly as you would like, or even at all. You may not even have room to park your car. By following a few smart garage storage tips, you can have an organized garage with plenty of space

Follow These Garage Storage Tips To Make the Job Easier

Cleaning out and organizing your garage is a major undertaking. Depending on the amount of clutter in your garage, you can expect this project to take a full weekend or even a few weekends. These garage storage tips will help make the task more approachable:

1. Clean Out the Garage

The first step to take to improve garage organization is to remove things that you don’t need or that don’t belong in the garage. Go through each item in your garage and decide if it is worth keeping or if it should be tossed, donated, or sold. This can free up valuable space and will make the rest of your garage organizing much easier.

2. Take Stock

These garage storage tips focus on improving organization while freeing up extra space. As you go through the items in the garage, cluster similar items together in piles or bins. After you complete this step, you may have separate groups for holiday décor, sporting goods, lawn and garden items, and tools. Once you have grouped these items together, you can identify the best storage options for each group. Some storage ideas include using large bins, tall shelves, built-in cabinetry, or hooks.

3. Look Up

If you are only looking at garage floor space for storage purposes, you are missing out on the opportunity to use vertical space across at least two or three walls in your garage. You can also use overhead space for additional storage. When you install peg boards, shelving, cabinetry, and overhead platforms for storage, you have access to at least twice as much space than you would otherwise.

4. Label All Containers

When your items are organized in clear containers, they are easier to locate when needed. However, to avoid losing items in your garage, label all containers to make finding things even easier. You can get a label maker or just write with a marker on masking tape. Some people also create a color-coded system, like assigning blue labels to camping gear, green labels to garden tools, and so forth.

These are among the most effective garage storage tips. Because each garage is unique, use the tips that work best for your situation. Come spring, you will be happy that you organized and cleaned your garage during the winter.

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