Moving can be stressful, especially when you are moving to another state. A long-distance move takes a lot more planning, money, and time than moving locally. If you know what to expect, you can make this endeavor easier with proper preparation.

Moving to Another State is More Expensive Than Moving Across Town

Renting a truck to move your belongings from one end of town to another is much cheaper than renting a truck to drive through multiple states. This is just one of the expenses that come with moving to another state.

A moving service will be even more expensive. Many of them charge by the hour and by the mileage. It’s important to figure out a budget for your move before you start booking trucks and moving services. If you can’t afford a lot of extras, figure out what you need most.

Have a Detailed Plan in Place for Moving to Another State

When you move across town you can usually take a few days or a couple of weeks if necessary. You can easily pick up things you may have left behind and collect mail from your old address that hasn’t been forwarded yet.

When moving to another state this all changes. It will be much harder to retrieve items you’ve forgotten. Have a detailed plan in place before you move so that you are less likely to leave things behind. Get your address change ready to go at least a week before you leave your previous address. Set up utilities and all of the other necessities and amenities you’ll want in your new home. Have reservations in place for moving trucks, moving services, hotels, and anything else you’ll need for the actual move.

Moving to Another State at the Right Time of Year

If you are moving to a state that’s far away, it is a good idea to plan around the best time of year to make the trip. Moving to another state becomes e a lot more difficult if you need to travel across the mountains in winter or the desert in summer.

Whether you are driving with a truck full of belongings or hiring a moving company, keep in mind that driving through severe weather conditions can be time-consuming and dangerous. There are certainly times where you have to move for business or personal reasons and can’t choose what time of year you go. But if you’re able to decide when to schedule your move, take the time to figure out the best weather for your trip.

Visit the Place You Are Moving

When moving to another state, it’s a good idea to check out the area first so that you’re familiar with the commercial and residential parts of your new town. What are the area schools like, and how safe do the neighborhoods seem? Not all towns, cities, and states are the same. Take some time to get to know the new area ahead of your move so you are prepared for the differences.

Double and Triple Check Things Before Your Move

When moving to a new state, you can’t just go back for things you’ve forgotten. Make certain that you have everything in order, and check over your lists multiple times.

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