Every year, Floridians brace for hurricane season. In many cases, building experience wind damage that costs thousands of dollars in repairs. By taking some steps to prepare your home, you have a better chance at preventing wind damage to your property.

Cover All Doors and Windows

You can install aluminum or steel shutters on your windows, which will prevent the glass from breaking or shattering in high winds. Shutters are ideal if your area is prone to frequent storms. If you need a quick option at the last minute, consider boarding up the windows with plywood for a temporary solution when preventing wind damage.

Secure the Roofing Materials

The shingles and tiles that are installed on your roof deck can become loose or fall off of the building during high winds which can lead to roof leaks and water damage. Make it a point to secure the roofing materials to prevent your home from becoming vulnerable to rain and other environmental elements. Consider hiring a professional roofer who can add extra nails or add a waterproof underlayment on the roof deck to prevent leaks from forming.

Secure the Metal Siding

Secure the siding on the building so it doesn’t become loose or rip off during a strong wind event. You can hire a contractor to use exposed fasteners to secure the panels to the side of the structure so that the building is protected and doesn’t become vulnerable to extreme weather.

Cut Back Trees

The trees that surround your home in your yard are also a threat and can cause significant damage to the building during high winds. Preventing wind damage will require you to cut back the branches or remove trees that are in close proximity to the building so they don’t come in contact with the house. Any trees should be a safe distance from the house to ensure they don’t fall onto the building if they’re ripped up from the ground when there are strong winds. Trimming the trees will also prevent power lines or poles from becoming damaged.

Remove Loose Objects

Walk throughout the exterior of your property and remove loose objects that are lying around, including lawn decorations, patio furniture, grills, and children’s toys. The objects can quickly become airborne and come in contact with the building, so it’s a good idea to store them in a safe place where they aren’t at risk of flying around outside and causing damage.

Although high winds can cause property damage in storms or harsh weather conditions, there are measures you can take in preventing wind damage. By knowing the right steps, you’ll reduce your risk of loss and avoid costly repairs after a high-wind event.

Hire an Inspector When Preventing Wind Damage

Experts recommend hiring an inspector to perform a wind mitigation inspection before the storm or harsh weather conditions arrive. During a wind mitigation inspection, the professional looks for add-ons or key features that are useful in preventing wind damage to the building. Most insurance companies offer discounts for homes with proper measures in place for wind mitigation. Although the inspection comes with a price tag, it often pays for itself with the credits and discounts homeowners receive after the wind mitigation inspection is performed.

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